by Jim
on Jul 21st, 2006

Friday Treat

I received the following email today which just made my day:

Hello Kalafut
You have taken a very nice picture of the French Farm
winery . At the moment I am trying to find some photos for
a special edition on vineyards and wineries for the New
Zealand magazine Cuisine and this photo would be perfect. I
was wondering whether you would give your permission for us
to publish the image in the magazine. It would of course be
credited with your name. If you were happy with this, we
would need a reasonably large resolution for printing
Please let me know what you think.

With kind regards


I knew that $25 Flickr Pro account would pay off. I’ve always dreamed of being published in “NZ Cuisine”! And the photo in question is hardly stand out… Just a building, lots of parking lot and kind of washed out. Nonetheless, I see coffee table edition of Cuisine in our future 🙂

Tomorrow, we’re Fiji-bound for a few days. It’s a four-hour flight from cold and rainy to warm and rainy (at least the next couple days), and we can’t wait. I’ve viewing it as a big decompression chamber where I’m isolated from everything CAT, Trimble, NZ, computers, rental stuff, winter, … Books, beach and oversweet resort drinks are just too appealing right now.

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