by Jim
on Oct 7th, 2006



There are a lot of Australian and New Zealand movies that don’t make it to US theaters, and in some cases aren’t even available on DVD in the States. Of course they’re all readily available here, so I’ve surveyed some movie buffs at work to create a list of Favorites and Cult Classics.




Once Were Warriors NZ 3.5
Footrot Flats NZ 2.0
Goodbye Pork Pie NZ  
Quiet Earth NZ 4.0
Scarfies NZ 4.0
The Dish AUS 4.0
Crackerjack AUS  
Bad Boy Bubby AUS 3.5
Bad Taste NZ 1.5
The Man Who Sued God AUS  
The Castle AUS 3.0
Savage Islands NZ  
Smash Palace NZ 3.5
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert AUS  
Whale Rider NZ 4.0
Crooked Earth NZ  
Sirens NZ  
Proof AUS  
Rabbit Proof Fence AUS  
Chopper AUS 4.0
Sleeping Dogs NZ 2.0
Kenny AUS  

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