The blog has been silent because there’s little to report. After I arrived back in NZ, Angela and I had a brief chat, lunch, and I saw her off to India for three weeks. She made it there fine and reports that the hotel and office are quite nice. But this is all very depressing really, and by the time she returns we’ll have spent 3 of the last 10 weeks together. I’m actually glad that austerity measures might limit travel…

Solo once again, I do one of three things: work, sleep, watch movies. The bad news is that work is slowly taking over unchecked with Angela away, but the good news is that I found a decent cinema in town. Recent viewings:

My other source of amusement is the rampant can’t-take-a-jokeism spawned from some not particularly interesting cartoons. Even distant New Zealand doesn’t want to be left out of the club and expressed worries at the highest levels about a possible dairy, wool and meat embargo by offended countries. I say, good for (or ‘good on’ around here) Christchurch’s The Press for printing the stupid things and giving me one more paragraph in an otherwise bland blog!

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