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by Angela
on Dec 31st, 2006

Happy New Year, So Long 2006

Well, it seemed like 2006 was such a long year for us. A lot of trials and tribulations I must say.  We moved to a different country (continent, and also hemisphere!).  Both of us have had a lot of changes to adapt to.  We have both traveled around NZ, Fiji, India(just me) and Japan(just Jim).  We’ve traveled a lot more than we anticipated but we’ve also learned a whole lot more than we anticipated.

We look forward to 2007 at the stroke of midnight.  Oh… being Chinese .. this would not really be New Year of course..  the new year would be on Feb 18.  🙂 Just Kidding.  I enjoy celebrating 2 New Years.

Well friends & family….we just wanted to wish all of you:   “Happy New Year!”.

by Angela
on Dec 24th, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas

Dearest Friends and Family,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you are sharing this day with love ones. Jim and I are still looking forward to going to the beach and have a picnic if the weather cooperates.
With Love,

Angela & Jim

by Angela
on Dec 8th, 2006

Backpacking in Auckland

This is Day 4 in Auckland. I am staying at a Youth Hostel on City Road about 20 mins walk to the Auckland Harbour. The youth hostel was definitely a new experience for me. I have my own private room but we have to share the washroom on the floor. Well lucky me, 5th floor has no hot water supply so each morning I hunt from one floor to the next for an available shower. No problems, especially when I am always up by 6:30am. I know I am on a vacation but I just can’t help my internal alarm clock. Today I took a harbour cruise and a ferry to Devonport. I walked from one extinct volcanoe (Mt. Victoria) to another called North Head. My feet is killing me right now but it was well worth it. The cruise took us by the dock for the NZ America’s Cup team. The sail boats were out training so I did not manage to see them. According to the cruise guide, the Emirates sponsored the team with 30 million pounds sterling!!! That’s a whole lot of money.

I stopped by the Devonport Chocolate shop to make a small purchase and took the ferry back. For all my walking I rewarded myself with the most delectable chocolate ice cream; after all it was another 20 mins to walk back to the YHA.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Christchurch. I am ready to go home and just relax. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow morning and afternoon yet. I might take another ferry out to Rangitoto Island and walk up the summit or… maybe just go shopping? Anyway it’s a fun trip thus far. First time on vacation on my own and first time staying at a YHA. Two firsts, can’t beat that.

I’m sure Jim is having as much fun in the Tucson Proving Grounds :-).

Day 1: Maritime Museum
Day 2: Parnell, Ponsonby, Victoria Market, Auckland Museum
Day 3: Waitakere Range, Kitekite Falls, Piha Beach (Surfers Beach), Rain Forest Walk
Day 4: Harbour Cruise, Devonport (Mt. Victoria, & North Head)
Day 5: ?, Fly home to Christchurch 

The over-the-air news here consists of news hours on the four major channels. SKY (satellite) TV adds BBC, CNNI and their own SKY news. Starting today, SKY subscribers will be able to try Fox News, 24 hours a day on its own dedicated channel.

I was not particularly excited about Fox News even in the US, and I think BBC and CNNI are much more interesting, but I look forward to seeing the Kiwi reaction to this very US slanted/styled type of news channel. My prediction: they’ll think it is silly and another example of the Yanks losing the plot. I can’t really defend it though. It’s the premier night for Fox News in NZ, and there is a long list of very serious stories unfolding, so after work I flipped it on to see what they chose to air. Answer: Natalie Holloway. So much for that idea.

Some people might get into the talk shows, but I doubt it because the topics are so steeped in US politics.

The US news market couldn’t care less about the 2011 rugby world cup and the resulting Auckland stadium drama… nor the recent overhaul of the NZ National Party leadership. Likewise, I don’t know why NZ would care about the latest flap over what some senator said in some speech somewhere, none of which affects them. (And I don’t know why anyone anywhere cares to follow the Natalie Holloway story.) We’ll see.

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