by Angela
on Dec 31st, 2006

Happy New Year, So Long 2006

Well, it seemed like 2006 was such a long year for us. A lot of trials and tribulations I must say.  We moved to a different country (continent, and also hemisphere!).  Both of us have had a lot of changes to adapt to.  We have both traveled around NZ, Fiji, India(just me) and Japan(just Jim).  We’ve traveled a lot more than we anticipated but we’ve also learned a whole lot more than we anticipated.

We look forward to 2007 at the stroke of midnight.  Oh… being Chinese .. this would not really be New Year of course..  the new year would be on Feb 18.  🙂 Just Kidding.  I enjoy celebrating 2 New Years.

Well friends & family….we just wanted to wish all of you:   “Happy New Year!”.

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