The over-the-air news here consists of news hours on the four major channels. SKY (satellite) TV adds BBC, CNNI and their own SKY news. Starting today, SKY subscribers will be able to try Fox News, 24 hours a day on its own dedicated channel.

I was not particularly excited about Fox News even in the US, and I think BBC and CNNI are much more interesting, but I look forward to seeing the Kiwi reaction to this very US slanted/styled type of news channel. My prediction: they’ll think it is silly and another example of the Yanks losing the plot. I can’t really defend it though. It’s the premier night for Fox News in NZ, and there is a long list of very serious stories unfolding, so after work I flipped it on to see what they chose to air. Answer: Natalie Holloway. So much for that idea.

Some people might get into the talk shows, but I doubt it because the topics are so steeped in US politics.

The US news market couldn’t care less about the 2011 rugby world cup and the resulting Auckland stadium drama… nor the recent overhaul of the NZ National Party leadership. Likewise, I don’t know why NZ would care about the latest flap over what some senator said in some speech somewhere, none of which affects them. (And I don’t know why anyone anywhere cares to follow the Natalie Holloway story.) We’ll see.

One Response to “The Most Powerful News in Aotearoa? I doubt it.”

  1. Erinon 03 Dec 2006 at 6:05 pm

    The only reason why people here ‘care’ about the Natalee Hollway story is because she is a pretty girl from a relatively well to do family. And was a cheerleader. ‘All American Girl’. If she was a not so pretty girl from a poor family no one would care. Case in point: Mikell Biggs, a 6 year old being kidnapped from her front yard about 6 years ago here. You don’t see her face plastered on the news or having laws named after her because she was from a poor family and doesn’t look like a perfect Jon Benet Ramsay in her photograph. They never found her and it is NEVER on the news. But we get Natalee ‘updates’ weekly. It’s sad.

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