by Jim
on Dec 14th, 2005

Day 2 – Warehouse Bound

Yesterday went well, but by the end of it all Angela and I were tired, grumpy and wheezing from all of the dust in the air. We had one scare when we couldn’t find a very important computer item and had to search through many packed-up/taped-up boxes looking for it. Of course it wasn’t in any of those boxes and was safely in our “Do-Not-Pack” zone, but we found that out after a lot of frustration. It surely won’t be the last time; there’s just too much stuff to track it all.

Today two crews are present. The same group from yesterday is packing up the last of the storage items and all of the sea-going stuff. There are also a couple of new guys with the big semi who are hauling away the packed storage goods. The sea container shows up tomorrow. So basically there is a lot of activity but little Angela and I can help with. Most things are well enough defined now, and it’s up to Allied to put the boxes in the right place.

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