by Angela
on Oct 27th, 2006

My Visit to Peoria

I spent a little less than 2 weeks in Peoria late September for work.  It was nice to go back home and check out the changes in Peoria.  It was also nice to visit friends and have a good chat.  I stayed at AmericInn, Peoria for a couple of days before moving to Anh’s house.  When the housekeeping helper started calling me “Hey babe!!”  that was enough.  I don’t need anyone referring to me as “babe” going through my stuff!!.  So I seek sanctuary in Chillicothe.  It was nice to stay with Anh, Robbie and Jim (Anh’s Jim not to be confused with my Jim 🙂 ). 

Dinner with Andy,Becky and family and Raj is always a delight.  Thanks for coming to dinner.  We’ll have to do that again next time I am back.  I am still anticipating Lauren to be almost as tall as me when I return next year!!.  As for Alex, I still think he is the jolliest baby I’ve ever met.

Dinner with Ioan, Ali and Rashina, and Huzefa at Flat Top was fun especially when we “married folks” get to pull Huzefa’s leg on “married life”.   He seems quite distraught when we told him that buying funiture online is coming to an end :-).

One Response to “My Visit to Peoria”

  1. Huzefaon 28 Oct 2006 at 12:07 pm

    It was good to have you back in peoria, Angela. I was talking to Munira about buying furniture online and I’ve have compromised that for, she not dragging me shopping with her. So fine no furniture shopping online anymore….

    You never mentioned about the hotel guy hitting on you…oh by the way did you tell Jim about that guy you met at the bar…..just kidding…

    Jim we’ve not met, but nice blog. I started out using blogger too and finally converted to WordPress.

    Takecare guys…

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