by Jim
on Sep 24th, 2006

Sopranos, almost

I was glad to find that “The Sopranos” is aired in NZ on one of their over-the-air network stations. I like the show, and I’ve missed it for quite some time after giving up HBO, so being able to watch it again (uncut, BTW) late in the evening was a good thing.

Last week’s “season finale” seemed really weak for a finale, so much so I went and checked the HBO site. Alas, it really wasn’t a finale, just a TVNZ “final episode”. It turns out there are still four more episodes to go in the Sopranos Season 6, but TVNZ has announced that those four will air in 2007?!? Continuity, anyone?

The weather is getting really nice now and losing a few hours of TV is a good thing overall, but I still have to wonder what the hell TVNZ was thinking with such bizzare scheduling.

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