by Angela
on Jun 29th, 2006

My Loyal Companion

I’ve got a new friend :-). He visits me almost everyday. He loves sunning himself on top of the grill, oh what a life!! It’s going to be cold again this weekend, so I suppose my dear friend will not be keeping me company.

Jim’s been away to Japan, and I am on a mission…. to get away from winter 😉
Well, I have just booked our winter vacation away from the rain and cold. Jim and I are going to FIJI 🙂

One Response to “My Loyal Companion”

  1. Ellenon 12 Aug 2006 at 1:08 pm

    This side of the house looks like your home in Peoria….and Tommy is looking out the backyard. Definately not “Baby”. It’s the size that tells 🙂

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