by Jim
on Jun 12th, 2006

It’s Snowing!!

…and raining and blowing and generally nasty out. I’d heard that it would be pandemonium here when it snowed, since they get practice with it about once a year, so I’m quite looking forward to seeing what disorder results. I could tell something was awry when the morning DJs who wake me up were overly giddy and talking about school closings. (They’re even playing “The Flight of the Valkyries” during the weather/traffic report which means it’s really bad.) It’s still dark here and while I did see some snow on a neighbor’s roof, the roads looked perfectly fine. No photos just yet…

I thought I’d have to wait a bit longer for this given that it was about 65F only two days ago, but weather calamity strikes NZ! Snow here and down the East coast, tornadoes and floods on the West coast. Bring it on, Tasman Sea.

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