by Jim
on Mar 15th, 2006

Photos galore

I finally got around to getting a Flickr Pro account and have uploaded a couple of picture sets. Check out the home page, or jump directly to Akaroa or Marlborough/Nelson sets. I only wish I had enough time to photograph and upload the 2GB/month limit Flickr allows 🙂 Enjoy.

One Response to “Photos galore”

  1. Jeff the Boldon 21 Mar 2006 at 11:03 am

    The seashore photos remind me of when Karl and I were in Nelson on vacation. We met a guy who had gotten his car stuck on the beach, so we gave him a push to help him out. As he was looking over his shoulder, steering in reverse, he didn’t notice the shrubbery that was right in the path of his driver-side door, which was hanging open. When the car hit, it swung his door wide open past its normal stopping point, crumpling his quarterpanel. It was just like that car chase scene in The French Connection, only not really.

    Still waiting on those India pics.

    (BTW, check the archives for my belated comments on your “Hello from Japan” and “Road Rules” installments.)

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