by Angela
on Jan 31st, 2006

Flying Solo in Christchurch

Well yesterday was my first day alone in Christchurch. Jim left for Japan at 4:30am. It was a beautiful 75F, sunny skies and light breeze (this statement is written for all those who are reading in Peoria, IL). Since my work hours are now split between US and India, I left work at 2:30pm. I went home and invited my neighbor for a walk. She agreed even though she just had a busy day in the garden. I met her daughter, who is a pilot. Way to go girl :). So off we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Ngaira and I were doing pretty good on the flats until we had to climb up the hill on Penruddick Rise to get back to our house. All and all we made in back to the house . It was fun. I wonder if Ngaira would agree to go for a walk again ;).

Unfortunately the closing for the evening is getting back to work and conferencing with India. Well, such is life I suppose.

Hi to all in Peoria.

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