by Jim
on Dec 25th, 2005

A Canterburian Xmas

I was well taken care of this Christmas Day. The morning was spent having a delicious breakfast with the Daniell family and a few friends. During the late afternoon I visited Paul E’s pad in South Brighton for beers and lounging in the sun. All of the guests there were pretty well spent from their morning of mountain biking, which included one torn AC joint and a trip to the hospital. Every time I come down here someone’s arm is in a biking-induced sling!

Is Xmas weird without could and snow? A little. But add back in all of the TV shows, mall decorations and music and it’s not that different. They’ve just replaced chestnuts and open fires with beach towels and BBQs. Everyone appears to be in a good mood and enjoying the break, which is probably the most important thing.

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