by Jim
on Dec 24th, 2005

I’ve heard it’s Xmas Eve

I bought a used washer and dryer (both were Fisher and Paykel, the NZ brand) from a guy who must have had 100 of the things accenting his back yard. I was shown how the lights blink, beepers beep and the things go round and round, but who knows if they actually do the job. I just couldn’t see paying for new here on something like laundry.

Car shopping has begun and I wish it would end already. The Used Car Salesman persona is as irritating here as in the US (and probably the rest of the world). When I ask if there is rust, I’d prefer something more than, “Of course not, see, cars don’t rust in New Zealand.” Yep. To prove his point he showed me four freshly painted bolts that would have been rusted if the phenomenon were present here. It wasn’t even worth me pointing out the 3 rusty bolts less than 2 feet away. It’s tedious wandering the yards; searching on the internet is a good filter.

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