by Angela
on Jul 31st, 2007

Home in P-town

Well, folks for those of you who were wondering; yes I am home.  It’s summer in the US and it’s warm averaging about 28C to 30C.  I have to say I have missed warm days while in NZ so I am glad that I return for a nice summer instead of our normal frigid winter in December.

Last week, I met up with some of my friends.  They have a little boy aged 4.  We were picking “tomatoes” from her back yard.  I was corrected by the kid for saying to-mah-toes instead of to-may-toes.   Ah such is life, just can’t win! ;-).  Once in a while I still turn on the windshield wipers instead of the signal indicator but I’ve kept on the right side of the road instead of left.    I signed off my emails with “Later” instead of “Cheers”.   I wonder what I should do when I meet a bunch of europeans/ english and american at the same place….  give the american a hug and the european/english a kiss on both cheeks??…  I think I’ll stick to a hand shake just in case I mistook a european for an american or vice versa.  Don’t want to start unnecessary confusion!.

One Response to “Home in P-town”

  1. ngairaon 03 Aug 2007 at 9:52 pm

    So nice to know you made it home safely! Haven’t seen much of the boy since you left – he would certainly be an asset to any employer with the hours he keeps!! so HOW GOES IT MY WEE AMERICAN FRIEND? Butters seems to have gone back to where he came from, Katie is relaxing after a big holiday at the kennels, Andi doesn’t have to watch her back, and all is well in the land of the Long White Cloud! John and Fiona say hello and so do Di and Al. Keep in touch, lovely lady, we really miss you.

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