by Angela
on Jun 13th, 2007

Friendly Feline?

It’s about 1:35pm, Wednesday afternoon.  I heard a little meow coming through the dining area window,  looking over toward the direction was a brown orangey fluffy cat.  I decided to go out and have a look at her.  She had a collar on her neck with the name and phone number on it.  The cat’s name is “Butters”.  I decided it was alright to let her in the kitchen and roam around while I give her owner a call to see if she was lost. 

Well, Butters according to her owner has been paying visits to people in the neighborhood.  I was her second stop :-).  She came right in with no hesitation.  Really adorable but boy does she have a plan.  She went right to the dining table and then to the kitchen and decided to settle right next to the fridge.  When she is all situated, the purring starts!.

butters_2.jpg  butters1

Ahh.. she cracks me up!.  Apparently the fridge must be where her owner kept the food.  Unfortunately I don’t have any cat food in the house.  After a few minutes, I decided to give her a little saucer of milk (trim/skim milk).  Very little milk because Jim says, milk is not good for cats.  Well, this one had hope for some other food i’m sure because after taking two licks of the milk she meow and thumped her nose at me and trotted right out of the kitchen.  Can you believe it?  Golly geez!

I guess I can see from the feline perspective of purring 3 minutes straight by the fridge and all this silly human can offer is a stingy amount of “skim” milk!!!  What’s the world coming too???? 

2 Responses to “Friendly Feline?”

  1. Erinon 13 Jun 2007 at 7:34 pm

    LOVE it! What a cute story. I would have let Butters in too. 🙂

  2. ngairaon 16 Jun 2007 at 9:26 am

    Angela, you were taken for a sucker like I was. Katie (our German Shepherd) started barking at 5 the other morning – so I investigated and found Butters! Since then she has wandered in thru the cat door, day AND night, much to the dismay of our rather middle-aged balck feline, and the dog!! So don’t take it personally, she just thumbs her nose at them too! to the extent of sitting on the bench and eating the dog’s dinner INSIDE while the dog was locked outside while I was at work!!! Cats are heartless creatures!!

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