by Angela
on Jun 5th, 2007

Nor’wester Big Bad Wolf

If you have read The Three Little Pigs or watch the cartoon animation from Disney, you will know the wolf I’m referring to. I am sitting at our dining table looking out at the evening sky. I can hear the wind gaining strength.  The wind in Christchurch is ferocious. When the nor’wester comes through, it always looks like Armageddon. The thick cloud is dark and gloomy with slight dashes of red peeking through. As the wind blows, I hear it rumble through. I hear the doors creek a little, I see the trees bend sideways, and the whistling wind running through the house. When we first moved here, I could not sleep at night when the wind blew. I felt like one of the little pigs, cowering with a pillow over my head and wished that the wind would just die. Each gust sounds like the wolf saying “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!!” (note : result of watching too much cartoon when growing up!).

little pig

I’m not sure if I’ll miss the nor’wester, I haven’t made up my mind. It is however, a living in Canterbury , NZ experience.

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