by Angela
on Apr 23rd, 2007

Ronald McDonald House

Hi folks, I am back in Christchurch.  Since I am still on my “retirement” break, I have been looking for temporary volunteer work to do. I started volunteering at Ronald McDonald house two weeks ago.  Well for those of you who are not familiar with Ronald McDonald house charity; it is not the fast food burger joint (and no I am NOT serving burgers with fries!).

The house serves as affordable housing when families have children who are hospitalized or need to visit hospitals in Christchurch city.  Families stay over for free while visiting the hospital.  The house offers rooms and kitchen facilities.  I remembered that Jim’s little cousin used to stay at one back in the US.

Well, what do I do there?.. I volunteer to help with the housekeeping.  A little manual work never hurts anybody.  So I help clean the rooms, kitchen and play area.  There are volunteers who come in each day to help with chores at the house.  We all have a little fun chatting while working and not to forget the daily morning teas.  I only do this on Thursdays.  So far it has been good just to do a little something for the community,  in return I meet new people and also have something to do on Thursdays.

One Response to “Ronald McDonald House”

  1. Christianon 23 Apr 2007 at 1:23 pm

    Ahh, retirement. Sounds nice. Just make sure you don’t get the urge to play bingo at the local church or to have dinner at 4PM. 😉
    I truly enjoyed your Australia blog, though.

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