by Jim
on Mar 10th, 2007

A reason to pause, and then buy

Guide BiscuitsHooray! It’s Girl Scout cookie time in NZ. Of course the first time around I was clueless to this since the sign hanging on the horse paddock fence, “Guide Biscuits Next Sat. “, was completely misunderstood by me. Fortunately Angela, herself a former Girl Guide, provided translation. (And I thought ‘Biscuits’ was the name of the horse. Darn.)

The Guide Biscuits only come in a couple of flavors, and none are as good as thin mints (mmmm, thin mints), but they’re still tasty. And ubiquitous, with little sales tents blanketing the nation on weekends. That they’re gone in a few days makes them pretty much irresistible, just like back home.

One Response to “A reason to pause, and then buy”

  1. Angelaon 11 Mar 2007 at 9:15 am

    Yeah, guide the horse around the paddock 🙂

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