by Angela
on Jan 24th, 2007

Comet McNaught

This is the fifth attempt to catch the sight of Comet McNaught. The past 4 times have been dissappointing since the clouds just came sailing in from all directions. Finally tonight, with persistence we sight the comet. It looks very distinct in the sky, huge and brush stroke like. You’ll see from the blog a fantastic picture, which is not taken by me. Mine was a mere dot in the black sky. I thought the picture courtesy of David Headland of Oamaru, NZ will do the comet justice. I’ve also attached the picture of the Port Hills at sunset (9:30pm). I wasn’t too sure at that point if we would see the comet since there were thick clouds in the sky. Our second attempt at about 10:35pm succeeded. Finally !.
Sunset Port Hills at 9:30pm

mcnaught1.jpg Comet McNaught (Courtesy of David Headland, Oamaru, NZ)

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